2013 was slow starting, but I have a couple of new illustrations, Pancakes and Pan-duh? along with some pages of a Christmas themed book that I illustrated: www.storybookstar.co.uk.  My goal this year is to improve my drawing and character design and animating of course!







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Managed to get in a few life drawing sketches before work :) Successful Animator Lifetime Mentoring with Mike L. Murphy is kicking off – and it’s going to be EPIC.  Hoping to bring my animation and story telling to the next level.

I’m saving up to buy a house right now, and hopefully I can be in that position before Christmas this year!  Working nights is tiring, so there’s not a lot of time for drawing right now, but I’m trying to turn that around.  Wish me luck!


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new and old

A new poster design created for a friend/uni event – I had great fun drawing this guy!  Also got a few illustrations for a friend and an old character design that I found from…probably 4 or 5 years ago!  Everyone, meet Jacker.  Slowly repopulating my gallery :)

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Squirreldipity & Camden Terrorist Rejects

A link to ‘Squirreldipity’ has been added to the Videos page.  This is the most recent 2D animation I have worked on, written and directed by Jake Warren http://www.jakewarrendirector.com.

Camden Terrorist Rejects is a comic written By Chris Munday.  Artwork by me!  We are getting Issue 002 up and running, Issue 001 will be available to see online soon!  For now, you can see some character designs for CTR (and other projects) from my new Sketchpad page!  This will be the home of random doodlings and the like ^_^

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Busy bee

I’m currently finishing some work on a 2-3 minute 2D short, which I’m making good progress with.  Updates and maybe some screenshots soon!  In the meantime here is the final Bad Edit poster design that I did last month.  I’ve also got a painting commission that I can post soon.  And hopefully I’ll get some good inspiration/sketches/photos from my holiday to Seville next week!  A very well deserved break for all of us going.

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Bad Edit poster ideas

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getting there…

Slowly re populating my galleries, here is my most recent character commission for my friend Nathan, enjoying being waited on by his Grecian babes.  I’m also beginning work on a project called ‘Little World’, within the next 2 weeks I will have completed some After Effects animation for my showreel :)

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Site Under Construction

Some of my artwork and my showreel are viewable from the navigation menu.

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>New painitng

>I’ve been very busy the past few months.

You can view the animation I’ve been workin on here http://vimeo.com/33190314

Wheat I’m working on is some paintings. Here is the start of one about 2 hours in, for Dario :)

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new painting

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